All the mattresses have been replaced with Tempurpedic or equivalent mattresses which are ten to 14 inches thick to ensure a comfortable rest. The pillows, linens and blankets have all been replaced. All the desks and chairs have been replaced. Every room has a hotel style table lamp with an outlet.

The hallways, bathrooms, the dining room, the lobby and the former kitchen have all been repainted thanks to our  loyal volunteers. The north staircases are repainted as well. The whole Retreat House has been refitted with LED fixtures and lights.

The roof leaks have been addressed and we are repairing the ceilings that were damaged.

Recently a retreatant complimented the house by saying how bright and clean it looked.


Our next focus is going to be on the Chapel. The stage on which the sanctuary sits will be trimmed a bit on the sides to make the sacristy doors on each side accessible to those in wheel chairs and walkers. The original altar that was built before Vatican II will be removed and the steps will be lowered to make more room for concelebration. Since the Blessed Sacrament is not kept in the sanctuary, this will also make more room for non-liturgical presentations. 

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