While we were shut down because of Covid, all nine exterior doors were replaced with fire rated steel doors with panic bars, locks and windows. The upper level siding was stripped and replaced and that should end the water leaks. The porch roof was replaced, the electric heat on the front porch was repaired and it was tested in the Festival of Lights. We had toy train display there. All the floors were scrubbed and waxed. This was a  massive effort to move furniture around to provide access for commercial scrubbing machines. All the asphalt was replaced on the property making the roads good for another 25 years. The wheelchair lift was installed and passed inspection on June 8th, 2020. It is rated for 750 pounds permitting a person in a wheelchair, the wheelchair and an attendant ride in the lift. The alternative is 3 people. It works great.

On the main floor, the outside rooms had an enclosed shelf that hid pipes. This was removed and the formerly enclosed area was cleaned and painted. We are just about completed with the last of the pipe painting on the main floor. Everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint.

Our focus is now on the Chapel. The back altar was dismantled and the floor under it was closed with black tile. The two fake pillars on each side were dismantled. The whole sanctuary now looks larger. The back wall of the altar was kept and reinstalled. A new tabernacle stand is being built to permit the tabernacle to be reinstalled in the middle under the painting of the Madonna and Child. The stage floor on each side of the sanctuary is going to be removed for about three feet in the next few weeks to permit wheelchair passage from the main body of the  chapel through the sacristy doors. Finally when Spring comes, two of the skylights which have cracks will be replaced.

We can hardly wait for retreatants to come back and use the building!